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FAQ's for Lync/Skype Integration

Lync/Skype for Business, what’s the difference?

On April 14th 2015 Microsoft rebranded Lync as Skype for Business

Does the client use RCC     ?

No it does not and this feature is being removed by Microsoft in the next Lync release (Skype for Business)

Do I need CSTA or and Audio Codes gateway?

No this is not required, we use web services directly into the PBX

Surely it will need Enterprise or Plus CALs?

No.  All we need is the base Lync/Skype license, Standard CAL

Does it support Office 365?

Yes fully supported, again we do not require the E3 or E4 licenses

Is it the same “look and feel” as the normal Skype client?

Yes, there are 2 additional custom/application windows frame in the application (beside configuration). The video window (in case there is a video call) and the call control window.  We now have a full “Skype” look and feel

What’s needed on the ShoreTel? 

We do not require ANY gateways.

Avaya – We require the ACE Server

Broadsoft - Nothing

ShoreTel -  Web Services SDK  loaded (which is free of charge)

What Skype Client/Servers are supported?

Lync Server 2010

Lync Server 2013

Office 365

Lync Client 2013

Skype for Business

32 or 64 Bit and Windows 7, 8 , 8.1, and tested on 10

What about new releases from Microsoft and Skype for Business?

Our policy is that any new OS or client will be supported within 90 days, we have already tested and it works with Skype for Business

Is it tested and certified?

Avaya – it has been fully tested in an Avaya DevConnect lab environment

Broadsoft - it has been fully tested in an BroadWorks lab environment

ShoreTel – It is fully certified within the ShoreTel Innovation Network

How do I buy the client?

The client is sold by UCA which is based in the UK and Switzerland.  We can bill is US$, Euros or GB£

Can I get a trial license?

We have trial licenses that we can provide a link to download from 

How is it supported?

We expect resellers to take Tier 1 calls from customers, we provide Tier 2/3 and software development via our NOC in the UK


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UCA: #Avaya partners great opportunity to integrate with #Skype4B and save customers money
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